5 Simple Tips to Stay Motivated to Workout Regularly

Health is one of the most valuable assets. No matter how much money you have, if you are not healthy, you certainly will not feel happy.

Unfortunately, despite knowing the importance of health, there are still many people who underestimate health problems and are reluctant to do things that can keep them healthy. Other than the lack of self-awareness of the importance of health, this phenomenon is often also caused by a bad lifestyle.

To combat unhealthy lifestyles and habits, exercise regularly is your best choice. Besides being able to make you healthier, many studies reveal that regular workout is also good for maintaining your mental health.

One of the biggest challenges in exercising regularly is finding the motivation to it. Fortunately, we have 5 simple tips on how to stay motivated to workout. Here are those tips:

1. Determine Your Short-Term Goals

As we know, the results of regular workout can only be seen when the activity has been done routinely in the long run. However, many people can’t wait that long to get results, so they finally give up halfway.

To avoid this, you must know your main targets in the short and long term. The target will help you monitor your progress so that you can feel the results immediately.

Your initial target should not be grandiose, try to start with the smallest target. For example, in the first month, you can start targeting to lose 2 kg of weight by running 1 mile per day while reducing your intake calories. This target is possible and is not harmful to your body’s balance.

2. Asking for Support

There is no shame in asking for support to the closest people in your life. Various studies show that the biggest motivation for doing things often arises from external factors such as families and friends.

To be continuously motivated, you need to keep good communication with those closest to you. Tell them how far you are trying to work out regularly along with the positive changes you feel.

If possible, you can also invite them to join in to exercise and start a healthier lifestyle together. By doing positive activities together, you can strengthen your relationship while improving the quality of health.

3. Do Not Exceed Your Physical Abilities

When starting to workout, you usually have such enormous passion and motivation. However, the condition often makes you want to exercise excessively beyond your physical abilities. This attitude can result in frequent muscle injury or stiffness. Eventually, your motivation will disappear because of the pain.

To overcome this, you must be fully aware that good workout motivation is the one that is sustainable and continuous. Instead of forcing yourself at the start, it’s better to start with small steps accompanied by consistency and clear targets.

As a suggestion, you do not need to do heavy workout every day. Try to intersect your strenuous exercise activities with lighter exercise to maintain your stamina so you can avoid burn out and loss of motivation.

4. Finding New Routines and Methods

One of the biggest factors that can erode a person’s motivation to exercise regularly is boredom. Workout routines are often seen as monotonous and boring. Whereas, this activity can easily be more interesting if you would dare yourself to try out various new workout methods out there.

In recent times, exercising is not limited to monotonous activities such as running, doing push-ups, or lifting weights. Currently, there are many variations of exercises that you can do as workout material every day such as yoga, parkour, or mixed martial arts.

Using a variety of exercises that are more diverse and challenging will keep your motivation up high and prevent boredom that usually appears in the first few months after starting the workout.

5. Start Living a Balanced Lifestyle

It’s important to know that exercising every day will not have a significant impact if you are still trapped in an unhealthy lifestyle. In the end, this thing can make you doubt the outcome of your effort, so you will find it difficult to find the motivation to maintain the workout program that you have created.

From now on, a healthy lifestyle should become your top priority. You need to start eating more nutritious foods, get enough rest, and avoid stressful factors that can trigger health problems.

Apart from the five tips on how to stay motivated to workout above, finding a motivation to work out regularly often comes from within. If you are eager to change and start pursuing a healthy lifestyle to improve quality of life, you should not find it difficult to find a motivation to get up and start exercising every day.

Lastly, for those of you who have never try to work out regularly before, getting maximum results requires extra effort and consistency in the long run. To get the best results, you should use professional services such as a nutritionist or personal trainer so you can determine the right target according to your needs and abilities.

5 Guidelines to Use Self Awareness to Improve the Quality of Life

Self-awareness is an instinct in each person. As an intelligent being who has an awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses, you must hone those instincts so that they can be used to develop yourself thus improve the quality of your life.

In general, self-awareness can be defined as a conscious knowledge of one’s own motives, character, desires, and feelings. This topic has become one of the main focuses of research in the field of psychology after Shelley Duval and Robert Wicklund developed the theory of this subject back in 1972.

Various studies show that conscious knowledge does not only act as a supporting factor that controls human consciousness in carrying out actions but also contributes to the achievement of an individual in life.

To use self-awareness to improve the quality of life, follow the 5 guidelines below:

1. Use It to Evaluate Your Habits

People with good self-awareness are proven to have high emotional intelligence so that they can more easily build positive habits that lead them to success. However, building positive habits is not an easy thing to do.

Before starting to change your habits, you need to evaluate yourself as well as identifying the negative things that you have been doing. This process can only be done if you have good self-awareness and a strong determination. Without these two qualities, you will only busy finding justification and excuses for the bad habits so that the process of building positive habits will become more difficult to do.

Implement Your Awareness in Everything You Do

Having high self-awareness will not change anything if you are still hesitant to take action. Therefore, to improve the quality of life, you need to implement your awareness of everything you do. Thus, you will get used to thinking carefully and understanding the consequences of everything.

Thinking and planning before acting are needed so that you don’t make decisions that you will regret later. However, too much thinking or making a plan without acting is also not good because it will make it more difficult for you to develop yourself.

3. Use It To Make Tough Decision

Making a decision is one of the most difficult parts of life. We often mess around with each of the choices we have to make, especially if those choices can significantly affect our future.

Using self-awareness as a “weapon” to make difficult decisions is the best thing you can do. With good awareness, you can objectively examine the pros and cons of each choice in front of you. The key is to have a good level of awareness. You must be able to weigh what are the main determinants of the decisions you want to make.

Poor quality of life is often caused by poor decision making. Therefore, you need to be meticulous and serious in making big choices or decisions in your life.

4. Determine You Main Target

Improving the quality of life is not an easy matter because it relates to many things ranging from financial conditions, relationships, physical and mental health, to happiness in general.

To improve the quality of life using self-awareness, you must have clear and measurable targets. The target will ease you to gradually improve the quality of your life while monitoring the progress. It would be best if you determined what quality of life you want to change first, then make a systematic and realistic plan to make it happen. In this case, your self-awareness will act as a “direction” for your actions.

To set a realistic target, you can do a comprehensive self-evaluation and compile a list of things you want to change in life. This method is closely related to the first point mentioned above about evaluating yourself and building positive habits.

5. Listen to the Trustworthy and Constructive Second Opinions

Relying on yourself to improve the quality of life is very difficult. Besides, it never hurts to listen to second opinions because it can give you a broader perspective on the progress you have made to achieve your goals.

However, filtering the opinions you hear may need extra attention. It would be best if you made sure that every voice you get to support your self-awareness is objective and constructive. If you listen to the toxic opinions of haters and doubters, it can disrupt your own development along the way.

Good opinions usually come from the closest people like family or friends, but if it is not possible, you can always use the services of a psychologist as a substitute.

Finally, we can safely assume that using self-awareness as the main vehicle for improving the quality of life is very plausible. However, it is important to note that the improvement often requires a long and difficult process. Therefore, rather than being stuck in the urgency to see results, you should focus on the process to fulfill your goals.