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As the shadows lengthen and the colours change isnít it time you unleashed your creativity and joined a class to recognise and develop your artistic abilities and start to experience the joys of painting in watercolours?

Whether you are a complete novice taking up your paintbrush for the first time or a more experienced painter, this seasons new watercolour classes with Fiona Pruden have something for everyone! You can also start to improve your sketching and drawing skills with the Stretch It Out class that meets every Tuesday afternoon.

From a gentle start to the term painting a beach scene with parasol and foreground interest (see attached), you will progress through painting cats, a scene from venice with lots of water, a still life with gourds and pumpkins. Also, you will spend two weeks learning the fundamentals of chinese brush work. The term ends experimenting with an abstract approach to painting a christmas picture with beautiful blue crystals.

For some extra fun this term also includes a two-week project learning some new and exciting techniques of pouring paint and mixing pure pigment wet-in-wet on your paper to produce a delightful, loose painting of an exotic butterfly.

So now is the time to join up with a small and friendly class and start to let your creativity loose in a flood of delicious colour.

If you are interested in joining up with the new intake of complete beginners, or joining one of the more experienced classes, please contact Fiona for an informal discussion on 01438 840977 or on 07956 537140 or


Beach scene with parasol
Painting to revise wet-in-wet techniques week beginning 11th September

To download dates of classes please click on the link below:

PDF  Watercolour classes
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC)

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Reviewed: May 05, 2009

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