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 Knebworth Parish Plan

The Focus Groups are still beavering away and we hope to gather their findings by the end of October. The Unity Focus Group meeting for local organisations on 6th Sept was well attended and very productive – thanks to everyone for your support. It was an interesting networking opportunity and the topic of village communication was much debated - the idea of a ‘welcome pack’ for new and existing households is already making progress and more research will be done on the possibility of community notice boards. There was strong feeling expressed that the village is what we make of it and that a sense of belonging and identity will be enhanced by community organised events. Top of the list was the village fete, as ever, but closely followed by Fun Day, Arts Festival, Recruitment Day for Local Groups, Firework Party and village events at Knebworth House. Another suggestion is to seek the help of a part-time “Village Co-ordinator”, possibly in a funded role, to help with communications, volunteer recruitment, publicity and event co-ordination.

Our next event is aimed at the young people in our village - the Community Survey did not reach the 13-17 age group so we will be hosting an evening session specifically for teenagers in the Parish Centre on Tuesday 11th October at 7pm. With the promise of a free hotdog (or veggie burger) kindly supplied by our friends at Trussells we do hope that some of you young people will dare to come!! Adults are NOT invited but the event will be supervised by qualified youth workers. See below for details and please pass the message around.

We would like to congratulate the Parish Council on the excellent Open Meeting on 14th September which gave residents an opportunity to voice their opinions on the possible closure of the GP Surgery. We would also like to assure everyone that the results of the Community Survey (which show that 97% of respondents consider it important for the village to have its own doctors’ surgery!) and a paper setting out many of the concerns that you have raised with us, have been forwarded to the GP practice and to the Primary Care Trust.

For further information on the Parish Plan – call Linda Brookes 01438 812168.

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Reviewed: May 05, 2009

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