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 Knebworth Parish Plan

Teenagers have their say
The TeeNage LinK event on 11th October was a great success and a healthily mixed bunch of 37 teenagers (with a few more lingering outside) made the effort to attend the meeting at the Parish Centre and joined in a lively debate on the pros and cons of teenage life in Knebworth and Old Knebworth. Of course a major attraction was the offer of a free hotdog after the session! Our thanks go to Trussells Butchers who generously donated the sausages and to Sue Clark and young Chris from Trussells who kindly cooked them all! Thanks also to Parish Councillor Stewart Biddle and the other representatives from North Herts District Council, Herts Community Development Agency and Herts Association 4 Young People who supported the meeting.

We talked about some of the places and things the youngsters like and dislike about the Parish and they came up with various ideas for future projects and possible improvements to existing resources such as the Youth Club – some things being more feasible than others! The Wish List included better lighting in the Rec, a big screen for film/DVD nights, a music venue, places to sit/hang out, cricket nets in the Rec and football goals in Old Knebworth Rec. Some are keen to organise activities for themselves and suggestions included running their own café nights and putting on a fundraising event, perhaps involving music. Interestingly, like many of the adults who responded to the KPP Community Survey, the teenagers would like more community events such as the fete, the Millennium picnic and street parties. A common factor to most was that they had happy memories of their time at the village JMI and felt that they would like to have more involvement with the school in some way. There was praise for the local Police and PCSOs and recognition that something needs to be done to improve the reputation of the youth in the village.

A brave few offered to be involved in an Action Group to look at ways of putting some of the ideas into practice and consider which could be included in the Parish Plan Action List. They asked if they could meet with the Parish Council as a first step in getting things off the ground. Of course, it was explained that time, money and considerable effort on their part would all be needed to make things happen. Adult support will also be crucial and if anyone is interested in getting involved (adults or teenagers), please call Stewart Biddle 237871 or Linda Brookes 812168.

Interested in Local History?
The KPP Countryside & Character Focus Group has identified the need for some sort of local history group or society to help increase awareness of the fascinating history of our parish and promote a greater sense of place and belonging, particularly for the benefit of children growing up in Knebworth. We already have some excellent publications charting the growth of the settlements, the story of Knebworth Park and the changing face of the local countryside and even some recorded interviews with residents giving an insight into more recent social history, but there is still plenty of scope for more research. Part of the challenge will be to find a way of pulling all the information together and presenting it in such a way that it is easily accessible and interesting for all age groups – perhaps on-line or perhaps on display in the library…. or do you have other ideas? If you would like to be involved or have some information to contribute, please call Alan Montgomery on 811076.

Improving Communication
Following feedback from the Community Survey about difficulties with village-wide communication, the KPP Unity Focus Group has arranged for the December issue of Parish News to be delivered to all households in the parish with the help of the Scouts and Guides and in the hope that more residents will be encouraged to subscribe.

Linda Brookes, Knebworth Parish Plan Team - 01438 812168


Reviewed: November 25, 2009

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