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'Steel Magnolias' by Robert Harling


KATS PRESENT: 'Steel Magnolias' by Robert Harling
Thursday - Saturday 19 - 21 May, 7.45pm, Knebworth Village Hall
Tickets: £6 (concessions £4)
Box Office: Village News, Station Road, Knebworth
Or call: Jo Simson 01438 814166

That's Truvy's (Dolly Parton lookalike Debra Wilkins) strict philosophy.

For Clairée (Nita Gowans), Ouiser (Angela Corrie) and M'Lynn (Jo Simson), Truvy's Beauty Shop in Chinquapin, Louisiana is more than a social hub, it's their whole support structure.

M'Lynn's daughter, Shelby, Princess of Pink (Helen Jewitt), is seeking the Princess Grace look for her Easter wedding to Jackson Latcherie. Mysterious new eager, but inexperienced, assistant Annelle (Linda Vincent) is alarmed by the gunshots outside: 'I'm new here, an' all - is my life in danger?'. But the wise-cracking 'girls' seem totally unperturbed.

Robert Harling's magical first play – inspired by the life of his sister, Susan – is a celebration of the importance of the ordinary in helping us deal with difficult times. The next three years are punctuated by holidays, happy events and hairdos. Shelby announces her pregnancy at Christmas, Jack Junior is born on Midsummer Day. Through it all, her positive influence is felt, bringing Annelle together with her husband ('Sammy deSoto . . He has a body that doesn't stop anywhere') and re-uniting crabby old Ouiser ('I'm not crazy – I've just been in a very bad mood for forty years') with her old flame, Owen Jenkins. But two Christmases later, a deep shadow has fallen, and the 'girls' face the biggest test of their friendship so far.

Check out the Southern drawls, laughter and tears for yourself in Mary Hearmon's stunning production.

The complete cast of Steel Magnolias

For further information on KATS/this production visit our website or call our Publicity Officer, Jo Simson 01438 814166


Reviewed: November 25, 2009

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