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Parish Plan April Update


Knebworth Parish Plan

It is now over 2 years since the launch of the Parish Plan project and although things may appear to have gone rather quiet, we are still very busy behind the scenes! Having presented our recommendations to the Parish Council in February, we are now working on the small print and hope to have the full report ready for viewing some time in May.

In the meantime, some of your suggestions are already taking effect – we are delighted that Brian Worthington has been able to find a team of volunteers to help organise the Village Festival and wish them well. We have also had another meeting with village teenagers - as reported below.

If you would like to find out more about the Parish Plan or are interested in getting involved, please call Linda Brookes on 01438 812168.


The second meeting of the Parish Plan ‘TeeNage LinK’ was held on 23rd February. At the first meeting last year, 40 teenagers living in the village discussed lots of problems and solutions in the Knebworth area. The second meeting was with a smaller group of various ages and we narrowed the ideas down to the ones which seem most important - these include:

  • having a second youth club night in the Pavilion just for older teenagers (on a Friday night if possible)
  • more open sessions at the Pavilion just to hang out and chat and maybe run a café (especially in the school holidays)
  • a ‘beamer’ (tv/dvd projector) to use in the Pavilion and for film nights
  • a ‘practice wall’ in the Rec with football goal, cricket stumps and tennis net marked on
  • somewhere to play fun table tennis, snooker and badminton, use dance mat and work out
  • membership/reward cards for the youth club
  • possible youth shelters in the main recreation ground and Old Knebworth Rec
  • better lighting in the Rec
  • a teenage only public loo with key or swipe card access!

We also came up with various ideas for the Village Festival including a session for local teenage bands and a sponsored walk around the parish to help raise money for the projector.

We know that all these things will cost money and we now hope to talk to the Parish Council and the people who run the Youth Club to see if they can help us.

We would like to thank everyone that attended the meeting, especially the organisers Linda, Jason and Chris. We are looking forward to the next meeting which will be held shortly. If any one has any ideas or is interested in joining the Group, please speak to us or call Linda Brookes on 01438 812168.

Lizzie Bysouth (15) and Megan Turpin (17)


Reviewed: November 25, 2009

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