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September 2006

Since my last article the Planning and Environment committee has met and the Recreation Grounds committee has had a meeting with the tennis and bowls clubs to discuss renewals of their leases. There has also been ongoing work to do on the Parish Plan which we expect to publish in the Autumn.

Pavilion problems
The Clerk, together with the Chair of the Recreation Grounds committee and one other Parish Councillor have had a long meeting with the builder and the architect of the Pavilion to iron out a number of problems within the building.

Parish Annual Meeting
We have also worked on the content and design of the leaflet that will be put through your door later this month advertising the Public meeting of the parish on October 4th.

It is important that we get a good turnout on October 4th. I wrote about this meeting in the August Parish News. Green Belt issues will not go away and the Parish Council needs to be certain of your views relating to use of Green Belt land for housing, particularly if this will benefit the village. The meeting is at 8pm in the Village Hall.

Freedom of Information
A leaflet has been put together by some of our Councillors explaining the 2005 Freedom of Information Act and your rights to obtain Parish Council records about its business. This leaflet will be freely available to those who want one.

Graffiti strikes Knebworth
There has been a spate of Graffiti in parts of Knebworth, much of it in the Orchard Way area. Two youngsters seem to be the perpetrators. Information , names etc… would be welcome and if your child is coming home smelling of paint or if clothing smells of paint it might be worth putting two and two together……….. NHDC will clean off the Graffiti but it takes time for them to come out.

Strange calls!
Finally, while our Clerk has been taking a well earned break, the Clerk’s answerphone message directs “urgent” matters to me. One “Urgent” call was from a man wanting directions to Knebworth Crematorium both for himself, coming from the south and his friend, coming from Braintree. Apparently the Clerk has many phone calls of this sort. Another unusual call came from someone who read my article in the August Parish News. His questions? What is Knebworth like to live in? Are there any “No go” areas relating to housing? Needless to say I was fairly non committal and definitely didn’t mention YOUR area as a no go area. The responsibilities of high office are endless…… Unlike this article!

John Bantick Chairman 01438 812761


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