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September 2004

Nearly everyone goes on holiday in August and the Parish Council is no exception. However this year because of the major construction projects due to take place in the Recreation Ground an extra meeting of this committee was held. There was also a meeting of the Village Hall and F&GP committees on the 4th August.

Pavilion Rebuild 
I will preface this month's report by stating in advance that there will inevitably be inconvenience and disruption to members of the public whilst the new Pavilion is built. We have tried hard to minimise this with the support of the contractors. The scheduled build time is 34 weeks. Never before has such a large programme of investment for the future been made in our village recreational amenities. It will be well into 2005 before the whole picture of improvements become apparent. 

Temporary restrictions on car parking and access will be one of the immediate inconveniences. It is hoped that all users and residents will bear with us during this stressful time. The new building will have 'state of the art' changing facilities for players and also a brand new 'home' for the village Youth club. It will be a giant step forward to have such a well endowed recreation ground in our village. At this time it is perhaps worth a moment to look back in gratitude to 1927 when Lord Lytton persisted in offering this land to the community, at no cost, for a recreation ground. This was in spite of some ratepayer's strong objections to having a ground at all because of the costs of upkeep.

Child Protection Policy
The Village Hall committee discussed and agreed a Child Protection Policy document to submit to the full Council for adoption. This action is now required by Legislation, so that everyone who hires Council facilities for people under 18 years of age is made aware that it is now their responsibility to comply with the requirements of the Regulations. The provider of the facility has to ensure that the hirer has a Child Policy in place. e.g. A regular hirer of the village hall for an under 10 dance group.

Policing issues
The F&GP committee also met on the same evening and one important item reported was a follow up to the comments on Policing in last months Parish News. Senior police had noted our complaints and have followed up with visits and were most concerned and anxious to re-assure residents that they were available and making special efforts to restore public confidence. The new phone contacts were explained and again it was stressed to ring 999 when an emergency is happening and record and register all incidents that have happened. We are all involved together in tackling crime.

Christmas Lights
The Christmas Lights were discussed as a decision on them had to be made before the August holidays. It is now some five years since the lights were first purchased with the help of the Village Trust and the display units have now reached the end of their useful life. After much discussion and bearing in mind our tight budget it was agreed that we would, for this year, place an order to replace only the display light units in the High Street. 

The rope lights in Station Road would be left and used for another year. The tree lights which were now in a bad state would be left until we could look at them properly in next year's budget. Residents had indicated at the AGM that they wanted the lights and it was suggested some form of fund raising for them may be appropriate early next year. Have readers any views?

Changes in Recreation Ground
The Extra meeting of the Recreation Ground Committee was held on the 9th August. Tennis Club representatives attended this meeting and clarified their final plans for the new hard courts. The meeting went on to discuss all the building projects that are to take place and in particular the vehicle access routes that contractors will use to minimize damage to the grounds. The temporary arrangements that need to be put in place were also agreed.

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