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October 2008


Having written last month's report I took a 3 week break from Parish Council business. I doubt that anybody noticed – that is as it should be. I enjoyed the break.

In fact I did continue to glance at emails and thus kept in touch at a distance. One email, from Herts Highways, indicated that they have received additional funding from Herts County Council and are using some of this to try to improve the pavement on the North side of Station Road, leading to the surgery. Quite what they can do and when remains to be seen.

Our Village Hall Committee met recently and discussed upgrading some of the toilets and also the possibility of installing a disabled ramp to the annexe. We are currently looking for finance. Our Finances and General Purposes Committee has met and I can report that the Milestone on the corner of Station Road is definitely about to be refurbished. Money has changed hands etc… We are also well ahead with arrangements for re-erecting Christmas lights and possibly with one or two additional features, if the money will stretch to that. There will be a “black hole” in the vicinity of the new Putterills outlet as the owner of the building, who also owns Robert Ellis Court, will not allow us to fix a bracket to his new wall.

The Knebworth Parking Initiative Group is preparing a questionnaire to be delivered to the whole village, probably together with the latest Parish Council Update leaflet, later in the year. Please do look out for it and ask your neighbours to look out for it also. It is important that there is a good response to this questionnaire. Your responses will determine whether there is the will within the village to do something positive about Knebworth`s parking problems or whether things should just stay as they are, with a little tinkering around with yellow lines and suchlike.

I mentioned in August that our proposed new Parish Council website was taking time to set up. It will soon be ready to go global. Its main initial use will be for the public to be able to read past minutes, to have access to the meeting schedule for the year and read reports such as this and our biannual Parish Council Update leaflet.

Finally a huge “Thank You” to Pam Culley and her band of WI helpers who did a major litter pick of the centre of Knebworth on Saturday 13th September.

John Bantick Parish Council Chairman 01438 812761


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