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October 2007


Football safety first
We have installed 2 new sets of goalposts on two of our 3 football pitches in the Watton Road Recreation Ground. Like those on the A1 pitch they now conform to current safety regulations and were part funded by the football foundation.

Youthful activities
Late in September a meeting was held to discuss the provision of activities for the youth of our village. Depending on the outcome I will report further in the November Parish News.

Care of the elderly
I understand that the application to build 61 additional care apartments at Monread Lodge has been rejected. Again, I will write an update when we get more news.

Plastics - beware!
A large, state of the art, recycling container has been deposited on a car parking space at the south end of the St Martin`s Road car park. This container is meant for any type of plastic container that can be construed to hold liquid. Not plastic food trays. There should be notices on the container to this effect but after 3 weeks they have still not appeared, so much that is currently in there cannot be recycled. Not a good start for the NHDC recycling initiative.

John Bantick  


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