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November 2008


Leaflet drop-off
During the first or second week of November the Parish Council's biannual Update leaflet will be dropped through your door together with a questionnaire from the Knebworth Parking Initiative Group. The questionnaire relates to parking issues in Knebworth. The feedback from this will determine whether the KPI will make further efforts to try to alleviate Knebworth's parking problems. You should respond even if you have, as yet, no parking problems in your area. Certain scenarios could push commuter parking some distance from the station to roads, as yet, unaffected by parking problems. We need to get a full picture and this starts with EVERYONE sending back the questionnaire.

Litter pick-up
Christopher Graham has, for the past few years, picked up litter on the main recreation ground from May to October. You would be astonished at the amount of rubbish that turns up overnight following binge drinking and partying antics on a Friday and Saturday night. Christopher has now gone to Imperial College London to study medicine. He may still be able to do a small amount of litter picking but in case this is the end of his stint we offer Christopher a great big “THANK YOU” from those of us who use the recreation ground and wish him well in his studies.

Award pick-up
On Monday evening 13th October I was delighted to be invited as Parish Council Chairman to a presentation ceremony at the Scout and Guide Hut in Gun Lane. Knebworth resident Penny Calver was given the prestigious Queen's Guide Award, the highest honour in Guiding. In 2006 she was awarded a prize at the Young People of the Year Awards for Stevenage and Welwyn/Hatfield., again for her services to Guiding. Penny should be thanked for all she has done for Guiding in Knebworth and given every encouragement to carry on the good work. Well done Penny!

The Youth Café which meets on Thursday in the Pavilion Community Room hopes to expand into Friday evenings as well. The Parish Council are giving them all the help and encouragement we can. Funding is an issue but, given that the money will be found, we thank those who are leading this initiative and wish them every success.

The Parish Council has just commenced looking at the Parish Council budget for 2009/10, not an easy job given the current financial climate. We will do our best to keep any increases in spending to within reasonable limits. We continue to work hard to look after the best interests of the residents of Knebworth. Do read the Update leaflet and please do respond to the questionnaire when it arrives.

New website
Our website is now open... NB. No “www”.

John Bantick Parish Council Chairman 01438 812761


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