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November 2006

Outcomes of Special Parish Meeting
On October 4th a Special Meeting of the Parish was held in the Village Hall and chaired by John Bantick. Over 100 residents attended and heard four main speakers giving their views on issues relating to building on Green Belt Land. Dr Graham Fothergill gave an overview of matters relating to the wider issues. Particular mention being made of East of England Plan, HCC building quotas and NHDC building strategy for the next 10 years. Henry Cobbold spoke in favour of controlled development and how it might benefit the village. While not necessarily opposing Green Belt development, Alan Richardson and Robin Wordsworth pointed out the downside if a large new development took place.

A lively discussion ensued with lots of opposing views from the floor and some helpful input from County Councillor Richard Thake, Andy Beavan from NHDC planning and David Turner who represents the owners of much of the land to the East of Knebworth. At 9.55pm a vote was taken on the following resolution:-

“That the Parish Council is given the authority, by those present at the meeting, to consider agreeing to the development of Green Belt Land for housing providing; 1. That they will ensure that the integrity of the village is preserved. 2. That this will result in substantial financial gain for the Parish, thus enabling `Village Lead` development of the village centre. 3. That, in any event, such proposals shall be referred back to the village. “

“Yes” votes = 67. “No” votes = 22. Abstentions = 1O

Parish Councilors did not vote. The resolution was carried.

Since my last report the spending committees have started preparing their budgets for the next financial year. We are investigating whether we can clean up and repair the milestone which sits against the wall of Burgess Funeral Directors. This milestone is well over 100 years old and was placed there when that part of our village was part of the Parish of Datchworth.

War Memorial Old Knebworth
The base of the War Memorial in Old Knebworth has been cleaned. A small amount of lettering needs highlighting and this will probably have to wait to be completed until the spring but every name can now be read. We are now working towards getting the top half repaired. We have one difficulty and that is that there seems to be no record of the design of the figures at the top of the memorial. They are now so corroded that it is not possible to see what they should look like. If anyone out there has an old picture of the top please let me know.

John Bantick Chairman 01438 812761


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