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May 2008


Annual Parish Meeting
On Wednesday 7th May we hold our Annual Parish Meeting. It is at 8pm in the village hall with coffee being served at 7.30. This is the time when you can hear what the Parish Council has been up to in the past year, to make comments and to ask your questions. If you have concerns over the way the Parish Council deals either with planning or any other issues within the village please do come and air your concerns. We would welcome the chance to address these matters in public.

Interesting news!
The reported offers of house purchases on London Road, for redevelopment of the land, have been withdrawn.

A messy problem!
There is growing concern among those who walk on our recreation grounds regarding dog mess. The main area of concern is the Recreation Ground at Watton Road but Lytton Fields is also a problem. There is a fine of up to £1000 for owners who allow their dog to defecate and then fail to pick it up. NHDC Dog Wardens have been asked to keep an eye on this and they will issue fines. The well worn excuse that you did not see the dog defecating will not be accepted. As creatures of habit, dogs will “go” in roughly the same area each day. It is just a question of keeping your eyes open and a plastic bag or two in your pocket. We know these dogs are large dogs. I urge anyone who knows people who walk their large dogs on our playing fields to please show them this article. If you know who is responsible it should be obvious that you should either let the Parish Council or NHDC Dog Wardens know who these people are, name and address and dog`s name are useful but a good alternative is to identify the times when these dogs are walked and the areas they walk in. The areas where play equipment is located are particularly vulnerable but so are the soccer pitches. Please be vigilant and public spirited. To report offenders ring 01462 474373. I am sometimes accused of talking crap ….. Well! Now I have done just that.

Smashing time.....NOT!
On the evening of Friday 11th April some really public spirited thickheads thought it would be great fun to smash a large amount of glass all over the tarmac play area on the Recreation Ground. This sort of mindless action should not go unchecked. If you know who was responsible please do get in touch. Thank you to a number of parents who did their best to clear the larger pieces early on Saturday and to the Clerk who swept up the rest.

Good news!
It is reported that the wild hedgerow that was planted on the Northern and Eastern border of the KGV Recreation Grounds in January is now in bud. We suspect that some some naughty people are removing the supporting sticks and using them as play equipment so a kind Parish Councillor is going there regularly to replace the supports. (A tiny word in a few small ears would be appreciated. Thanks.)

John Bantick Parish Council Chairman 01438 812761


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