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May 2005

Last month readers were asked to note the date of the Annual Meeting of the Parish of Knebworth which is on the 4th May. This meeting marks the end of the ‘council year’ and is the time when you can hear what has been done on your behalf during the year and you can ask your questions.

A year in retrospect
It has been a truly remarkable year. Never in the history of this Parish has so much time and money been spent by so many people in vastly improving nearly all the infrastructure in our main Recreation Ground. Every single group of people who use this ground now has modern and vastly improved facilities. To achieve this feat reflects great credit on the many volunteers in the various groups who have made this happen. It is also a great expression of our community spirit. With any large and complex project there are problems and obstacles to overcome on the way. We are no exception to this and unfortunately some problems do still remain. Nevertheless, we can all now look back on a ‘milestone year’ with great pride and satisfaction for what has been achieved. It is now up to all of us to actively look after, protect and value these new facilities for both the present and future generations to enjoy.

During this month the last Council meeting of this council year took place on the 23rd March and the Recreation ground committee also met on the 6th April. Some of the interesting items from the meetings are highlighted below.

Police Activity
The police attended the council meeting and gave an update on police activity in Knebworth together with crime statistics. This communication was welcomed as we are all aware that residents had their part to play in helping the police control crime and communications play a big part in this. It was reported that the promised CCTV would soon be installed and we were also told that the new Number Plate Recognition facility upgrade would be included in our cameras. PC Vine was to put an item in Parish News.

Doctor's Surgery
It was reported that many residents have contacted the Parish Council with concerns regarding the future of the doctor’s surgery in the village. In the absence of factual information it was agreed that a letter would be sent by the Parish Council to the Practice expressing the concerns of many elderly residents of the parish and asking for clarification of the position.

Time to 'Pond-er'
For some time now the condition of the pond in the recreation ground has been a concern. Mr Iwan of the Countryside Management Services has again visited the site to give us further practical advice. The advice was that some attention was needed but that at the present time there was an abundance of wildlife which should not be too much disturbed. It was suggested that in August / September a mechanical digger could be hired and used so that a significant amount of reeds and other debris could be safely removed. This action with costs was agreed and this work would now be put in hand. Meanwhile, we would try and find a friendly farmer with a tractor and trailer who could take the material removed from the pond for a small fee. Any readers who could help with this would be much appreciated.

Important dates
Finally a reminder that the 111th Annual Meeting of the Parish of Knebworth is on Wednesday 4th May at 7.30p.m. for 8.00p.m. in the Village Hall. Another important reminder is that our Village Hall is the Polling Station for the National and Local Government elections to be held on the following day the 5th May.

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