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March 2006

Since the last report all the committees of the Council have met and there has been a full meeting of the Parish Council on the 8th February. There was also a meeting with the Parish Plan Team when we were advised of the progress made to date. A point to note here is that the Agendas for all our meetings are displayed on the two Notice Boards in the village and also on our notice board in the Library. This is to keep the public informed in advance of just what is going to be discussed. The public is also welcome to come and hear us at work.

Police Update
It was unfortunate that the Chief Constable was not able to accept our invitation to attend the Full Council meeting on the 8th February and he gave his apologies. However, our Ward Constable P.C. Jon Vine did attend he gave us an update on policing in the village. He was asked if the new CCTV cameras had any effect on crime figures. In reply he was happy to say that this new equipment was making a ‘massive’ difference to low level incidents and quoted figures for the last three months which showed a huge and very substantial decrease. This good news was welcomed by all present.

Parish Plan Update
The interim report from the Parish Plan team was presented to the Council to consider. Here it should be noted that a tremendous amount of work has been put in by this large team over the two and a half years that the project has taken so far. A huge vote of thanks is in order for this dedicated work on behalf of the whole Village. Ultimately, the Parish Council will have to take responsibility and endorse the Plan and so it must carefully examine the draft document prior to giving approval. It was suggested that two versions of the Plan be produced. One a simplified version to be sent to every household in the village and a more detailed and comprehensive version of the same Parish Plan to be sent to the planning authorities such as District and County Councils to ensure that our results are incorporated in their bigger plans. A progress report will be made at the Annual Meeting of the Parish in May.

Pavilion Update
In the Recreation Ground Pavilion the problem of water coming from the showers and cleaning of the changing room floors continue to be a problem. The recreation Ground committee believes that mud from football boots being brought into the Pavilion is part of the problem and so has agreed to purchase a large external boot scraper and kicking plate to fix to the outside wall. This it is hoped would ease the problem of blocked drains etc. Nevertheless a small sub committee was formed to try and sort out these teething problems once and for all now that actual user experience was becoming available.

Parish Council elections
We were again reminded that the present four year term of office for councillors expires in May and the clerk advised members that the Election documents are expected to be available by the end of March. There is no doubt that some members will not be standing for re-election hence some new members will be required. Interested parties should make themselves known as soon as possible. The item mentioning this last month does not appear to have ‘caught the eye’ of aspiring prospective councillors. The Parish Council is an ideal way to serve the community and it is often referred to as a ‘conduit’ for a lot of residents to take issues to District & County councils. Most of the time the work is very satisfying and you do make a contribution. Details of just what is involved can be willingly explained by any present councillors and also our clerk Mrs Claire Graham 816795 (during working hours) will be happy to help any interested parties.

Daffodils in the Jubilee Walk
The milder weather is now heralding the onset of spring. The recreation grounds do need constant attention and this year the main ground is looking so much better than last year. With the coming of longer lighter days flowers are beginning to show to the visual delight of many. Do take some time to visit the recreation ground and look at the Daffodils in the Jubilee Walk at the far eastern side of the recreation ground. You may also be surprised at the whole scene and what a great facility the village now has. We have to blow our own trumpet occasionally!

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