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July 2006

Since my last report our Planning and Environment Committee has met twice and the other committees once each. While much of our work is concerned with admin and working procedures we have set in motion one or two projects of wider interest to the village.

Village improvements
We are looking at a possible updating of our village Christmas lights. Costings are being carried out as I write. We are undertaking a review of all play equipment on our three our recreation areas and may soon be making grants applications to assist us in renewing or updating old or defunct equipment. Now is the time to contact our Clerk, Claire Graham (813795) or the Parish Council Chairman, John Bantick (01438 812761) if you have ideas for new or replacement equipment.

Security 'in focus'
The Parish Council has been promised that ongoing incident reports relating specifically to our village CCTV cameras will be available by July 1st. This will allow us to monitor the effect of these cameras on the security of the village

The chips are down!
Reported incidents of parish damage or vandalism are very low indeed. We do, however, have one problem on the Recreation Ground. The totally harmless activity, being engaged in by some teenagers, of lobbing small stone chippings (which are to be found around the pavilion) onto the grass and particularly onto the goal area nearest to the pavilion, is causing us two problems. The first is that hirers of the field have to remove these sharp and potentially dangerous chippings before using the area. The second is that our groundsman has to spend much time searching the area and removing the chippings before he cuts the grass. If the blades of the triple mower snag on these chipping it can cause very costly damage. I am sure that none of this is more than the kids having what they would regard as a bit of harmless fun but If you could pass this information on to any likely perpetrators the Parish Council would appreciate it.

Luton Airport runway
The Parish Council has been asked if they would give support to a group acting as a lobbying body against the proposals for the new runway at Luton Airport in 2030. While the Parish Council does not wish to have an official representative on this body there is no reason why an individual Knebworth resident should not join such a group. If you are interested please contact Alan Cliff on 01438 831 841 or Email him on or write to him at Foxwood, Peters Green, Herts, LU2 9QD

John Bantick Chairman 01438 812761


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