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July 2005

During the month that has passed all the committees have met for the first time in this new term. The Full Parish Council meeting scheduled for the 15th of June has been put back to the 22nd June so will have to wait until next month to report on this.

Pavilion makeover
The Recreation Ground met on the 25th May and had a long agenda most of which concerned the activity in the main Recreation ground. The most exciting item to report is that the new Pavilion is now just about ready and complete. It was exactly a year ago that we were reporting that work had started on the site. The old building has now been demolished so we can now see this new building as intended.

Pavilion during demolition and rebuild
The new entrance footpath and car park complete the scene. Knebworth is very fortunate to have been successful with the Football Foundation Grant which has made this whole project possible. The Football Foundation will have contributed fifty five percent of the total cost. The Parish Council has provided just over thirty-five percent of the total cost, accumulated over several years, from our precept. The balance of the funding has come from the District Council and a loan from the Knebworth Village Trust.
Pond makeover
Another item of interest is that the Countryside Management Service proposals for attention to our pond have been accepted and work to attend to the pond will take place next month. It is also nice to report that a local farmer has come forward prepared to accept the substantial amount of silt that is to be removed. It was indicated that this could be over fifty tons in weight!

Seating makeover
Two new tubular steel benches have been ordered to replace some of the broken wooden benches. It is hope that this new type which is much more expensive will have a long and trouble free life and be more resistant to abuse. Depending on this experience future replacements could be of this type.

CCTV watchover!
After much delay is the new Closed Circuit Television system has at last appeared in the village. Two cameras on columns can now cover both the High Street and Station Road. In addition to their surveillance role they are equipped with the latest Number Plate Recognition System so that ‘wanted’ vehicles can also be monitored by the control centre in Stevenage. We all have high hopes that this new installation will be a big deterrent to law breakers.

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