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July 2004

During the month that has passed all the committees of the council have met for the first time in the new term. Both Libbi Smith and John Bantick have taken up their new roles as chair of their committees. Please don’t forget that you can see the minutes of all our meetings in the Library where you can read them at your leisure. The Agenda of meetings are displayed in our Notice Board together with other items of interest which currently including a plan drawing of the new Pavilion.

Face-lift for play equipment
One of the most noticeable items to report from The Recreation Ground meeting on the 26th May was that the repainting of the old play equipment in the Lytton Fields and at King George V Recreation grounds is now underway. This will make a big visual impact as some bright colours have been chosen. This is also the time of the year when grass grows at an alarming rate and this keeps our grounds man Andrew French busy with the mowers and his strimmer. Some new play equipment for younger children in Lytton Fields is now ordered. We hope the appearances of our playgrounds are now much improved and we can take pride in this achievement.

Reminder to property owners
Whilst talking about things growing, this is the time of year when hedges can soon grow and obstruct public footpaths. Property owners will be aware that they do have a responsibility in this respect and their attention to this will save problems arising with the public. 

Rebuild of Pavilion
The rebuilding of the Pavilion is the major undertaking for the Council this year. Final discussions with the Football Foundation about the tenders we have received for the work are now complete and the green light has now been given. You will by now have seen in the local press that a very large cheque, for over half the total cost, has been presented by the Football Foundation on the 18th June (see press release). Ms Libbi Smith and Dr Graham Fothergill have accepted this on behalf of the Parish Council. This money will now ensure that the building work can commence and it is hoped TO START THIS MONTH on site. We are all extremely grateful to the Football Foundation for this grant. This is a really exciting time for all those involved as all the hard work over several years now begins to come to fruition. A great day for the Village of Knebworth 

Let there be light!
At last it can be reported that the three new lights at the entrance to the main Recreation ground have been connected to the supply and are now working. This is due to Anthony Titmarsh’s persistent chasing of this matter through our Hertfordshire Highways contact. The need for the lights was supported by the Youth Club amongst others. We have also been told the good news that this Club has now reopened and meets again on Monday and Wednesday evenings in the Pavilion.

Rise and Shine
The Village Hall committee meeting on the 9th June agreed to accept a quote to resurface and seal the floor of the main hall and the committee rooms. This work was last done in 1998. The Village Hall will have to be closed for a week whilst this was done and the clerk will liaise with users and supplier to try and get it done over the school holiday period.

Record Keeping
The F&GP committee met on the same evening and one item discussed was the annual review of the councils Risk Assessment and Management paper. This is now a legal requirement to ensure that we manage our affairs to an agreed recorded standard. 

It was also reported that the council’s computer purchased in 1999 had crashed yet again and was in need of replacing. In view of the ever increasing use of the computer it was agreed that a new unit be purchased that had some spare capacity for the future. Increasingly communications with the District and County Councils is via the Internet and this is likely to grow. It was agreed that a new machine would be purchased.

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