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January 2008


Hope you had a good Christmas!

Some clarification for you. The contractor who recycles plastic which is placed in the container in St Martin`s Road can only recycle plastic bottles. These have numbers 1,2 or 3 stamped on the base. The plastic beakers used for fresh soup or pasta sauce, cannot be recycled so go in with your household waste.

Good news!
During 2007, in addition to attending numerous meetings, responding to a never ending flow of consultations, pouring over a plethora of planning applications and reading countless government and local government documents, we can also offer you some tangible evidence of our year's work.

Now read on......
Users of the Village Hall will now feel much warmer since the installation of new double glazing throughout the hall and the new cooker has been well received. Users of the Watton Road Recreation Ground will have seen all the new play equipment, the youth shelter, the new path to the under 5's play area and two new sets of goal posts. On the KGV playing field in Old Knebworth we have installed more new play equipment and will soon be planting a rural hedge along its northern boundary. Christmas lights were once again switched on in Knebworth and I hope you all saw Santa climbing up his ladder?

The Knebworth Parking Initiative is still trying to come up with some parking solutions. There is a positive outlook on the horizon for our youth club. While not being Parish Council led, we do have positive input in both of these areas.

Consultations are now being carried out on “The Stevenage and North Herts Action Plan”. Type that name into Google and all the information will pop up. Or you can see it in the Library.

Road closures
I have just heard that the A1M (Southbound) will be closed overnight from Monday 7th to Monday 21st January 2008 – Monday to Saturday. Diversions will be via the B197 and parking restrictions of some sort will be in force in London Road (The High Street). BE WARNED !!!!!!

Public Meeting
The Village Hall was packed for the Public Meeting on December 5th. Over 180 residents attended. There was a very good presentation followed by some lively discussion. I will publish the results from the Response Forms in next month's report. Thanks to all who attended. That sort of turnout is most encouraging for the Parish Council.

John Bantick Parish Council Chairman 01438 812761


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