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January 2005

This is the first report for the year 2005. It is a time when we can look back on the year that has past and the year to come. This report is written early in the month and the main consideration of the three committee meetings was deliberating on next year's budget which has yet to be finalised...

Major projects
It is however a very exciting time for our village as all the major projects being undertaken in the main Recreation Ground will come to completion this year. In no other period of time has so much work been done by so many people. As a community we will now undoubtedly have the best facilities for many miles around to offer residents now and in the future. We as a community should be extremely proud to have achieved this result and a big vote of thanks are due to all of the voluntary workers and members in the various groups who have made this happen. Whilst the benefits will be there for this and future generations to enjoy it is now our responsibility to ensure that we do care and look after this heritage for today. This involves us all.

The recreation ground committee was told that the Cricket Square had now been scarified and also the outfield slit to improve drainage. It is pleasing to report that Knebworth Park Cricket Club is going to use the ground in the summer hence the work now to improve the square. 

Pavilion works
Work on the Pavilion is proceeding as planned and it is now awaiting its roof. Progress pictures are on view in our Library notice board. Once the roof is in place and the building made weatherproof work can then continue inside in spite of the weather. One interesting item to note is that because of the extra number of showers and toilets a new larger diameter water supply has to be laid. This is being routed from Watton Road.

Floor repairs
We were told at the Village Hall committee meeting that the sealant on the new refurbished floor reacts with 'duct' tape. To prevent any more damage to the surface all users are now to be told that no tapes are in future be used to hold things in place on the floor. A separate note to this effect is to be added to all hire agreements to draw attention to this. The new surface was much admired by many users.

Cash Flow 
The Finance & General Purpose committee was told that Cash Flow forecasts were satisfactory for the large planned expenditure now coming up. Borrowing approval has also been given to ensure that no problems will arise over the next few months when our expenditure is at its highest level and before the 2005/6 Precept is received.

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