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February 2006

It seems a long time since I wrote the last report on the 6th December 2005. The Christmas holidays are now well behind us and we are already well into a new year 2006. Since that time there has been a Parish Council meeting in December and both the Recreation Ground committee and the Planning & Environmental committees have met in early January this year.

Budget setting
The main decision taken at the full Parish Council meeting in December was to approve and set the Budget for the year 2006/7. As already mentioned the preparation of the Budgets is a long and complicated process. An additional complication this year was the fact we have no past cost experience of running the new Pavilion so ‘best estimate‘ of costs have had to be used. It can now be said that the Parish Council element of the 2006/7 Council Tax Bill will be over 8% less than last year. However it must be said that the Parish Council part of the Council Tax Bill is usually less than 5% of the total. Readers will be aware that in previous years the biggest part of the bill, about 74%, was for the Herts. County Council. The North Herts. District Council costs were about 12% and the Police Authority costs the remaining 9%. We have striven to keep our costs down.

Councillors were all reminded that their present four year term of office ends in May 2006 when new elections will be held. The size of our Parish has dictated that we are entitled to twelve elected members. It was felt appropriate that the Council advertise this fact now, well in advance, as there is no doubt that some of the present members will not be standing for re-election and new members will be sought. The work involved is not onerous and it is very rewarding to serve our community in this way. Just ask any of the present councillors who will be pleased to tell you just what is entailed. Our clerk Mrs Claire Graham will also be very happy to give help and advice to any interested parties. Her phone number during working hours is 01438 813795 and her address is 9 Oakfields Road, Knebworth. The Parish Council is the first rung of Elected Government and as such the election and rules of conduct are all covered by the Local Government Act of 1972

Recreation Ground
The Recreation Ground Committee met in January. Among the items reported was that the pollarding of 94 trees had now been completed and the Recreation Ground looked much brighter as a result. It was felt that a good job had been done by the contractor. By the time this report appears it is hoped that some new steel benches will have been installed. Unfortunately it was also noted that one of the shutters on the Pavilion had been vandalised and broken. As a result the clerk was asked to investigate the costs of having an infrared facility on the CCTV cameras so that a record could be made in the dark.
  Pollarded trees in the Recreation Ground
Open to the Public
The next scheduled full Parish Council meeting is on Wednesday 8 th February. The Chief Constable Mr Frank Whiteley has been invited to attend to hear about policing problems and opportunities at our village level. This meeting is at 8 o’clock in the Village Hall and members of the public are always welcome to attend. Why don’t you come and hear your Parish Council at work?
John Bland 01438 812135


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