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December 2008


Act of Remembrance
It was a privilege to join the Act of Remembrance at the war memorial on 9th November. Thanks to the British Legion for organizing the parade, to the Family of Churches who provided three clergy to share the service and to the school for loan of their sound system. Thanks to everyone who supported the event. Well over a dozen wreaths representing official organisations were laid at the memorial. And the rain kept away!

Village Parking
The Knebworth Parking Initiative Survey dropped through your door in mid-November. Thanks to those who filled it in and returned it. At least it shows that you care about what happens in the village. Thanks also to our army of volunteer distributors.

Ceremony of Dedication
On Saturday 15th November the Royal British Legion in Gun Lane invited me to their premises for a ceremony to dedicate plaques in memory of those members who had served their country and recently passed away. Rev Jim Pye led the short service of dedication which was also attended by District Councillor Jane Gray. I am always glad to represent the Parish Council at events such as this in Knebworth.

Who am I?
Recently a number of Knebworth residents have commented that I do not wear a chain or badge of office to signify who I am representing. Sadly a majority on the Parish Council are not prepared to pay the £600 for a badge of office. (Chains cost a lot more). As I have nothing to show that I am representing Knebworth I am declining official invitations to events outside Knebworth. If nobody knows who I am and who I am representing what is the point of spending unpaid hours standing around trying to look official?

It is good to see that, following years of the Parish Council hassling them on your behalf, Herts Highways have finally repaired the footpaths in Station Road. Let's hope they will soon put the northern end of Gun Lane back on their list of repair jobs.

Deeply worrying
I saw what looked like a nasty pothole in Wadnall Way. On close inspection it was at least 2 feet deep and big enough to put my size 8 foot right down it. Very dangerous, particularly for young folk or cyclists. On talking to a passer by it seems it had been there for some time “Something should be done about it” was the more than predictable response. In 10 minutes I had “borrowed” a traffic cone from those lying around in Station Road and placed it over the hole. I then phoned the emergency number and the pothole was repaired within 24 hours. If you see potholes or street lights that are not working or obscured by trees etc.. please don't wait for someone else to deal with it. Ring 01438 737320, report the problem and get a reference number for the job. If the problem is not sorted within a reasonable time ring again and ask why or let me or the clerk have the reference number and we will deal with it.


Parish Council regalia?

The Parish Council wishes you a very Happy Christmas.
Have you noticed the new decorations at the surgery ?

John Bantick Chairman Knebworth Parish Council 01438 812761


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