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August 2007


Knebworth Parish Plan
We have received over 30 responses to the recently published Knebworth Parish Plan. This is a general response to many of the questions raised but some cannot be covered here and may be covered by more direct contact with the people concerned.

Chas Lowe's yard
The issue of whether Chas Lowe`s yard should be relocated provides a conundrum. People don`t want it to be moved far from Knebworth. This means moving a short distance either North, South, East or West. Others are anxious to avoid coalescence with nearby towns or villages. Moving Lowe`s a short distance away would inevitably contribute to coalescence. This is an ongoing issue.

Post Office and Library
Residents are keen to keep the Post Office and Library. So make full use of them. Don't purchase stamps at supermarkets, do borrow books – even if you don't read them!

School runs
A very sensible suggestion is to ask St Thomas More Church if their car park could be used during the “School Run” period. Why not ask Kevin Williams or the parents association to approach the church to allow this small concession? Over to you.

By far the biggest response was in relation to car parking.

The issue of commuter parking is very much to the fore in Knebworth. A study group was formed in March to look into parking and related issues. The Knebworth Parking Initiative (KPI) Committee consists of your elected representatives from the Parish Council, NHDC and HCC, together with Simon Young (the NHDC Transport Policy Officer) and representatives from both the Village Trust and the Parish Plan Team. The group is chaired by District Councillor Jane Gray.

Some of the possible solutions relating to parking are sensitive and it would be counterproductive at this stage to go into details. We are obviously looking at the problems created by commuters around the station but we are equally aware of the serious issues relating to inadequate parking for local staff and shoppers. We are in active discussion with both First Capital Connect and Herts Highways.

We understand that the “Knebworth Parish Plan” has been very well received at County level and that the “Travel and Transport” section has gained general approval from Herts Highways. This support creates the real possibility of making funding and consultancy advice available when needed.

This is, by its very nature, a long term and costly project so I urge you to be patient. Be assured that full consultation, probably in the form of a public meeting, will happen once solutions are identified.

Waste Disposal
Finally, NHDC are introducing a new waste disposal scheme in October. I will try to ensure that up-to-date information is included in the September issue.

John Bantick  


Parish Council Chairman 01438 812761
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