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August 2006

I managed to get to nearly all the main events of the Knebworth Festival. Many congratulations to Brian Worthington and his band of willing organisers for putting together such a worthwhile event in double quick time. Can we have one next year please? With a whole year to plan it the next one is bound to be even more brilliant.

The Youth speak up
The Parish Council meeting on 21st June started with a presentation given by Beth, Charlotte, Megan, Lizzie, Sam, Edward and Josh from Knebworth TeeNage LinK. They gave us a very clear idea of their wish list for play equipment and other facilities. This was followed up by a visit to the main recreation ground where we discussed the siting of equipment. They are now aware of the high costs involved and the safety issues that need to be addressed. We are applying for grants so that some of this can become reality in the not too distant future. Once we have the funds I will be able to reveal what we hope to purchase and on which of our three recreation grounds it will be installed. Thanks to our seven young friends for their help and cooperation.

Green Belt under threat?.....
With the pressure to open up more Green Belt land for housing, particularly in Hertfordshire, the Parish Council will soon have to react to surveys relating to future housing strategy in North Herts. The Parish Council`s stance is that we must reflect the wishes of the residents of Knebworth. At a meeting of the Parish held many years ago a vote was carried asking the Parish Council not to allow building on Green Belt land except in very special circumstances. One cannot prejudge these matters but circumstances could arise where we have no choice but to accept housing development on the edges of Knebworth and it would be better for all concerned if we were in a position to be able to influence where such developments should take place.

.....Public Meeting
With this in mind we are proposing to hold a Public Meeting of the Parish at the Village Hall on October 4th. Full details will be on posters, in the September Parish News (and this website), and every household will be leafleted. Owners of likely Green Belt sites are welcome to attend. There will be plenty of opportunity for people to air their views at the meeting. If anyone has strong views for or against building on Green Belt land and would like to make a short presentation to that effect I would be glad to hear from them.

John Bantick Chairman 01438 812761


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