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August 2005

August is the month when most people have their annual holiday and also when the Council takes a break. No meetings are scheduled for this month. However since the last report all the committees have met as well as the full council. There has also been an Extra ordinary meeting of the Council on the 27th June. Some of the interesting points from the various meetings are set out below.

Planning Applications
It was reported at the Planning and Environment committee meeting that the application for 14 dwellings at the rear of St Martins Road had been refused. This application was suggesting access through the St Matins Car Park. It was also reported that North Herts. Homes is to close the hostel in London Road in 2007/8 and the committee thought that this may be suggested as a possible site for a satellite doctors' surgery once it had relocated to Stevenage.

New Licensing Laws
The new Licensing Laws coming into effect on the 6th August 2005 were discussed at the Village Hall committee meeting. Under the new rules if alcohol is to be sold at more than 12 events per annum a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) has to be appointed and be approved by NHDC. The cost of this new license will be approximately £600 when under the old licensing system it was free. It was agreed we would proceed to do this and the clerk would attend a days training course. It was further agreed that the extra costs would be have to be recovered from hirers.

Tour of new Pavilion
The Recreation Ground committee meeting on the 6th July was held in the new Pavilion and started with a tour of the new building. Everyone was very impressed with what we saw. The committee was sure that users will soon be able to appreciate the vast improvement and new modern facilities now available to hirers. Apart from the four changing rooms with showers there is a substantial community hall. A new unisex/disabled Public toilet is also included in the building accessible with ramp from outside. This is located facing the entrance to the ground from Stevenage Road. The toilet will be open daily from 9 a.m to 4.30 p.m Monday to Friday. It is now to be hoped that the community as a whole will value and respect this new and expensive facility. The new Pavilion, along with all the other new facilities in the main recreation ground, will be open for the public to inspect on the Open Day on the 13th August.

Play area safety
The annual ROSPA Play Area Safety Inspection Report for 2005 has now been received and discussed. The report comments on the general condition of the three recreation grounds in the village and a detailed report is given on every item of play equipment indicating where attention is needed. For information the three grounds are the Lytton Fields Play Area, the King George V playing field in Old Knebworth and the main Recreation ground off Watton Road. It may not be generally known that this inspection takes place annually to ensure as far as possible that the very highest safety standards are maintained in all Parish council play areas. This report provides us an invaluable tool in addressing any items that need attention.

Duty of care
Hopefully the long hot days of the summer holidays will appear this month. It is also hoped that the superb new facilities in our Recreation Ground will give great pleasure to all who use them. From football to cricket, tennis to bowls, children playing or just walking the dog. We all have a duty to care and be responsible for what we have. Our Recreation grounds costs over 60% of our Parish Council tax... Donít let a few spoil it for us. Report loutish behaviour or if you see or hear anything happening that shouldnít. Ring the police. (Emergency 999 or non emergency 0485 33 00 22) See you all at the Open Day on 13th August...

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