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August 2004

Village policing
This months report starts with notes from the Parish Council meeting on the 23rd June. Our ward constable Jon Vine was present and started the meeting with his report. It appears that there have been many calls on his services taking him away from the village such as disturbances caused by the European Football competition 2004. This has left us exposed to a number of avoidable incidents. Some examples of antisocial behaviour are the riding of motorcycles in the main recreation ground, breaking glass bottles in the tennis courts etc. The great difficulty in contacting the police and getting a response was a cause of great concern.

The clerk was asked to write to the senior officer to record our dissatisfaction with this situation. Once again we are urged to report every incident that we see to the police as resources are allocated against recorded crimes. However hard our ward constable works as an individual we just cannot get the policing to which we are entitled and for which we pay if he is away from the beat. When an emergency is happening ring 999. That is what it is there for. If an incident has happened then ring 01462 425000, or write a note and put in the police letter box in the Village News. Following the incident of the motorcycle in the recreation ground and the lack of response by the police our groundsman has handed in his resignation because he now felt unsafe in the recreation ground. 

Housing Needs Survey
The District Council is sending out a Housing Needs Survey form in mid-July. The purpose of this enquiry is to try and establish just what housing is needed and what is wanted in the village. This survey is a very valuable tool for the Planning Authorities. The obtaining of this information is fully supported by the Parish Council who will help in the collecting of information. The results of this exercise are expected to be available in October when a summary will be published. Please help by responding to the questions asked.

New Bowls Club
The Recreation Ground Committee met on the 14th July with a long Agenda. One item was to agree the colour of the new bowls club building and the position and layout of the entrance gate. This has now been done so that this project can proceed to the next stage.

Restricting access
A small working party was set up to investigate possible ways of restricting access to the recreation grounds to stop unauthorised vehicle access. There have been a number of instances of damage and intimidation caused by this. The only access rights to the recreation grounds are for pedestrians not vehicles.

Safety issues
The Annual ROSPA report on the three Recreation grounds has been received and the items in need of attention highlighted. No high risk items are listed and mostly it is attention to the safety surfaces that is required. The large swings in the main ground have corroded to the point where they have to be replaced. One two bay swings will be ordered as a replacement.

Pond survey
Following a letter from residents a survey of the pond has been commissioned and a report is expected shortly when it can be discussed. A removable barrier for the main football pitch was agreed after a sample of the type and fixing was discussed.

Happy holidays
The holiday period is now with us and with it, we hope, the long hot days of summer. It is hoped that with due vigilance, by both the public and the police, this year will be less stressful than last despite the upheaval of the construction work that is now going on.

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