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The Knebworth and Marymead Surgery has been given approval in principal for substantial funding to develop a much needed new surgery to replace the existing one in Knebworth.

The current building does not have the facilities or the space required for the growing needs of our patients and so we need to expand to new premises where modern facilities and greater access would be available.  This exciting opportunity will allow The Surgery to remain a central part of the village with a broader range of services and facilities available to our patients and local residents. 

As The Surgery is an integral part of the community we would really value the opinions of local residents when deciding where the new surgery should be located.

Initial planning has identified four sites all within the village which are appropriate for new development and these are shown on the map CLICK HERE to view.  Please be aware that the site areas indicated are approximate and the exact location of the surgery within the overall site area would depend upon access and other site factors. We have also identified one site in Woolmer Green as a possibility which is shown as site D on the map.

At the present time we have not been able to identify any suitable sites that either have already been developed or are a Brownfield site which would have been our preferred option. This leaves us with the options of either trying to obtain planning permission to develop on a new site, (Options A, B1, B2 and C are all Green Belt), or having to consider moving out of the village. If anyone is aware of any possible sites that we may not have considered we would be grateful to hear from you. Ideally we would require a site area of approximately 1 acre, (4047m2).
We would be appreciative if residents could take the time to complete the attached form indicating their preference regarding the potential sites we have identified. Please return your forms to:
The Practice Manager, Marion Watson at the Surgery before 31st January 2010.

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Download PDF Document - CLICK HERE
To see map of proposed sites - CLICK HERE

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