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Subject: We do not need a new school - 29th January 2011

We do not need, or want, a secondary school in Knebworth or Woolmer Green. We need to keep the countryside around us for our children and grandchildren. I have lived in Knebworth all my life and have watched Knebworth get busier each year. Anyone who has driven through Knebworth village, especially at a busy time of day such as the school run, knows how difficult it is to get through. Knebworth and Woolmer Green would be ten times worse than this if there was a secondary school. It is laughable to think that the children would all walk to school, especially if the weather was bad. No, parents would be driving them there and clogging up all the little side roads as well as London Road. The same thing would be happening when school was over. Ask the people who live near schools in Stevenage what they think of where they live in relation to school run times. I am sure they dread them and they have wider roads, built for more traffic.

No, we do NOT need a secondary school in any of the villages. Let them be built in larger towns and allow the children to get out of the villages for a while and see how lucky they are to live where they do.

Wendy Marley

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