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September 2010 Latest Letters

Subject: Seek and you shall find.

People of Knebworth, I need your help! Today whilst eating my lunch at a cafe near Kings Cross station, a charming young lady from New Zealand sat down to share my table whilst waiting for her train. We chatted for some time about her travels and plans during which she mentioned she had visited friends/relatives in Knebworth. When I got up to leave we shook hands and she said how nice it had been to talk to a 'local'. Twenty minutes later, trundling along in the underground, I realised I had walked off without paying my lunch bill! I managed to drop back in to the cafe on my way home and was dismayed to find that the owner had not believed that this girl did not know me and had insisted she pay my bill! Can you find her so that I can apologise and reimburse her.

David Baigent
Chobham, Woking

Subject: Old Photos of Knebworth Village Wanted

I was wondering whether any of your readers can help me? I'm doing a project about my Aunt who's 85. I have recorded her telling the story of her a life and I now want to make it into an audio visual show so am looking for images to illustrate it. Apparantly she was an evacuee in 1939 so I am looking for a couple of pictures that would show how Knebworth would have looked then. I've tried the council and Knebworth house with no luck but surely there must be a picture or two out there. If anybody can help I would love to hear from them. Thanks

Terry Mills

Subject: Information about Knebworth Village

Dear Sirs, I am currently a student at the University of Hertfordshire, in final year of Strategic Marketing, and one of my assignments lead me to contact you in order to get more information about your village. Indeed, I have to do comparisons between several villages, and I did not find some information I was looking for on your website. Do you mind answer the following questions? Or maybe you have a report that I could read.
1) How many inhabitants are living in Knebworth?
2) How big is the village in terms of area?
3) What is the average age of population?
4) How is the growth of the village?
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon, Thank you very much for your help.

Maud Giraut

Subject: Blocked pavements.

I'd like to bring to attention the problem caused by blocked pavements in Knebworth. The cause of the blockages is cars parked on the pavements, even when there is more than enough room to drive an HGV past, and worst of all is on Rubbish collection day when it some pavements are completely impassable for a pushchair due to wheelie bins being placed out onto the pavement where there is a perfectly accessible position right on the edge of the owners property.  Please can people be more considerate of other when parking and on bin days.

Ann Goddard

Reply: I agree with Ann about the nuisance of blocked pavements but, in the case of wheelie bins, it's not always the householder's fault. I leave my bin on my driveway next to the pavement, before leaving for work. When I return from work about 20:30, the bin has been emptied and dumped on the pavement, blocking it off. The refuse collectors seem incapable of replacing it onto my driveway. I once found it on my doorstep and assume this was done by a disgruntled passer by, who was upset by it blocking the pavement and I can't really blame them.

R. Jackson

Subject: A letter from Australia looking for help in tracing an ancestor.

Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. You certainly have a very pretty village - great photographs. I am wondering if any of your readers may be able to help? I have a first cousin twice removed (same great great grandfather) Alfred John Bennett born 1861 Soho, Westminster, baptised St. Anne's 02 June, married Catherine Mary Avery (of East Hyde Bedfordshire) at St. Anne's 19 Dec 1889, one known child Mary Catherine bap. St. Anne's 17 Sep 1891, born 21 Aug The family moved to Surrey. I find Alfred in census data with varying occupations from jeweller to distillery traveller so I cannot be certain if the following information is correct. Various art authorities pin him down as an English artist (who gave up the jewellery game), who did marry Catherine Avery, did live in Surrey and who did eventually circa 1914 move to Knebworth where he set up his studio. But I cannot claim this artist Alfred as mine without further proof it is the same person. Various art circles mention his lifespan as 1861-1916 and others 1861-1923, but all showing the same paintings, etchings etc. It is a puzzle. Is it possible that this Alfred J Bennett is buried at Knebworth or would there be any way of finding where he lived in the village and any other information concerning him at Knebworth? I have written to several art historians/galleries but they do not seem particularly interested, so am hoping that some of your readers may be able to find some clues when they have a little spare time. Some folk love these mysteries! I would like to come over to your fair village but at my advanced age I do not think that is likely. Good fortune with your pleasant way of life and may your village continue to prosper in these unusual times.

Yours sincerely - Graham Price - Melbourne - Australia

Editor's Comments: If you are able to help Graham, please reply using the "Letters" form on this web site. Your reply will be published here and, if mutually agreeable, we can put you in touch directly with Graham.

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